Rack House Primary School

Our Education

We aim to develop all pupils as independent learners and endeavour to do this by creating a school with a curriculum which encourages the development of a lively and enquiring mind. Through involvement in a variety of relevant and challenging first hand experiences we work towards the skills of problem solving as skills for life.

At Rack House Primary School we follow the National Curriculum Guidelines for education.


The school also provides a range of extra – curricular activities that change according to pupil request and needs. These may be delivered by an outside agency or school’s own staff. (Please contact the school for the latest provision).

We endeavour to foster awareness of multi-cultural society in which we live and encourage a caring and tolerant attitude towards one another. Religious education is often integrated into topic work.

An act of Collective Worship takes place each day. We see this as a significant element in children’s education. Collective Worship is a caring time for reflection when we can meet together with a sense of unity. Parents can withdraw their child from Collective Worship or Religious Education by arrangement with the Headteacher.

All children participate in PE and a nominated Year group (nominated by the Local Authority) attend swimming lessons weekly.

Parents / Carers are a child’s first and most enduring educators. For a successful partnership there needs to be a three-way partnership between you, the child and the school. We hope you can help at home and share your child’s learning and achievements. By working together we can ensure a happy and successful learning journey.

The school expects pupils to complete given homework. This varies in accordance with age and ability.

When children are in Year 6, they will receive an application form from the Local Authority for admission to high school. This must be completed and returned to admissions at the local authority during the Autumn Term. The school’s linked High School is The Manchester Health Academy.