Rack House Primary School

Curriculum – Knowledge Mats

 Below are the curriculum knowledge mats for the foundation subjects taught in each of our year groups.



 Come Dine with Me 3 Course Meal (food).docxDownload
 Healthy Chocolate Bar Making (food).docxDownload
 Making a Windmill and Weather Vane (structures).docxDownload
 Manchester Tarts (food).docxDownload
 Moving Toys (mechanisms).docxDownload
 Shadow Puppets in a Shoebox (mechanisms).docxDownload
 Traffic Lights and Carousels Using Crumble Kits (electrical systems).docxDownload
 Yr 1 fruit salad.docxDownload
 Yr 1 Pirate Moving books.docxDownload
 Yr 1 Toys.docxDownload
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