Rack House Primary School

Our School

Rack House Primary School is a Community School for children aged 2 to 11 years. It was first opened in 1935. It serves the community of Northern Moor. The classrooms are situated on both sides of the building.

The main entrance to the school is on Yarmouth Drive. There are also two pedestrian entrances: One on Lawton Moor Road and another on Newall Drive.


Vision Statement

A school of excellence which nurtures and inspires all, where success is our achievement.


  • to provide a safe and stimulating learning environment
  • to be an inclusive school where all children realise their potential
  • to celebrate social and cultural diversity so that everyone feels valued and respected
  • to develop confident and creative learners
  • to encourage independence in thinking and learning
  • to promote health and well-being (through PHSE)
  • to engage parents who are actively contributing to pupils’ success
  • to develop children to encourage each other
  • to prepare pupils to be resilient learners who are Year 7 ready

Core Values

  • Respectful and resilient
  • Happy, healthy and honest
  • Proud and perseverant
  • Safe, secure and successful


School Opening Times

Buddies (2 Year Olds) 8.30 am - 3.30 pm. 

Nursery 8.45 am - 3.10 pm

For the all other year groups school opens at 8.45 am - 3.15 pm