Rack House Primary School

Pathways – Resourced Provision

Pathways is our Specialist Resourced Provision which provides for children with a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder and/or Speech and Language Communication Needs. It is staffed by a specialist teacher and three specialist educational assistants. Additionally there is Speech and Language therapy and occupational therapy support. We all work together to provide positive learning experiences for our children.

All children are taught the curriculum in a manner appropriate to their needs, as well as learning vital life and social skills. They are included with their mainstream peers as often as appropriate to engage in the mainstream curriculum at an age appropriate level. There will also be reverse inclusion opportunities where small groups of children will benefit from working in the Resourced Provision. All children will be included in the social and academic life of the school as much as possible.

We want every pupil to achieve his or her potential, and we aim to create a climate of success for the whole school community.

Miss Hanson (Lead Teacher)  – TAs Miss Bowles, Miss Meehan and Mr Savage.

Children receive a Resourced Provision place through the Local Education Authority Specialist Panel.